SSRS: Grouping

Integrating logical grouping into rows.

In reports displaying data with rows duplicating values in the field that identifies each row to the user, it’s helpful to group those rows together under a common header.

In this example, I’ll begin where my Report Header article left off to illustrate how to group like rows together.

Notice in this report, I am duplicating the same Company Name values for many rows.
Instead, I’d like to provide the user with a way to expand/collapse the rows for easier viewing and traversing of records.


First, I’ll select the header row of the report.


Then using the Row Groups menu, I’ll create a new Parent Group.


I’ll select to Group by: CompanyName since that is the field I wish to consolidate rows under.


I’ll give the new column group the name “Company Name” and delete the existing duplicate column to its right with the same name.

Executing the report now displays data where rows sharing the same Company Name are grouped under a shared value.


Download Report
(right-click, Save As)

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