Please see my other Web articles. This page demonstrates some of my AJAX skills in delivering server-side functionality to the client. AJAX AJAX: Dropdown Update Controls

Telerik: Dropdown with Template

Telerik: Dropdown with Template Displaying Choices with Templated Data In this article I’ll demonstrate how to create a Telerik dropdown using templates to display data in a tabular format. First, I’ll create a ViewModel to serve as the data layer. Note: Ensure you’ve decorated the CustomerID property with the [Key] attribute or the Controller wizard…

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

Please see my other Web articles. This page demonstrates some of Telerik’s impressive suite of rich controls designed to empower users, increase productivity and streamline business processes. Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Telerik: Dropdown with Template

OOP: Abstract Classes vs Interfaces

Knowing How to Leverage Abstractions Topic Abstract classes Interfaces Implementation details: Some members (methods). No. Fields: Yes No. Inherit from: Abstract class, interface Interface only. Members can have access modifiers: Yes. Abstract members private by default. No. Interface members public by default. Implementation Details: Abstract Classes As illustrated in the next example, the abstract Employee…

OOP: Polymorphism

Leveraging the power of Object-Oriented Programming with Polymorphism Related to inheritance, polymorphism illustrates a powerful advantage OOP over procedural programming. It allows classes created to standardize attributes and behaviors, or provide a consistent interface for objects to later use when instantiated. The example below demonstrates a common scenario where there are different types of employees…


Please see my other Web articles. JAVASCRIPT Changing a CSS class Classes Functions Knockout: Computed fields Knockout: Edit fields Knockout: Input Fields Knockout: Updating the ViewModel Get RadioButtonList Selection JQuery: Date Input JQuery: Toggle Radiobutton Choices Scroll User Toggling RadioButton Choices