These positions illustrate my success collaboratively empowering organizations to achieve their strategic goals.

Business Intelligence Manager – Community College of Denver

  • Collaborated with the Director of Information Technology to create an innovative, results-focused data and application strategy, including standardizing processes and tools for managing projects.
  • Guided the selection and deployment of commercial software packages as well as custom-developed solutions.
  • Managed and sets direction for technical resources to develop the school’s public website, Internet and Intranet applications, and database solutions.
  • Analyzed existing processes and systems and recommend future enhancements to mitigate risks to project completion and enhance functionality.
  • Designed, developed and supported the school’s business intelligence strategy through ETL processes and a robust reporting platform to serve multiple departments’ projects.
  • Completed safety training for Active Shooter Defense, Advanced First Aid, and Campus Security Authority.

Senior Developer – Community College of Denver

  • Collaborated with staff during state-mandated hiring process to review candidate applicants for those whom would best benefit the school.
  • Created and implemented a structured process for mentoring junior developers in Scrum principles, facilitate daily meetings, increase productivity, and develop interpersonal skills for effective collaboration.
  • Collaborated with the Director of IT, Manager of Applications and Database Projects, and external departments to strategize on our new website initiative, mobile application management system, and integrate communication between legacy systems.
  • Provided executive guidance on product selection through research and requirements analysis to align goals with organizational objectives.
  • Implemented content management systems (CMS) to provide a robust, feature-rich platform to deliver an engaging online presence as well as design processes for data synchronization between existing systems.
  • Provided custom .NET web and SQL Server solutions to strengthen department efforts and streamline business processes.

Senior Developer – Anthro Corporation

  • Provided research and guidance for the selection of a content management system (CMS).
  • Leveraged a CMS to deliver a multi-channel marking system
  • Designed and trained team members in collaborative content management.
  • Developed and supported modules for product synchronization with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Created robust reporting platform to support rich enterprise reporting.
  • Leveraged web services to synchronize purchasing with real-time shipping information.
  • Integrated existing security mechanisms within the content management system.
  • Designed robust media repositories to provide a central solution to asset management for all websites.
  • Optimized complex business processes and enabled team collaboration leveraging SharePoint workflows, lists and document libraries.
  • Designed, developed, and supported enterprise e-commerce platform enabling strategic sales goals, providing customers an engaging experience, and increasing sales.

Owner/Senior Developer – Eidos Solutions

  • Launched Eidos Solutions to collaborate with organizations to achieve strategic goals by architecting robust, highly scalable .NET web, Business Intelligence, and SQL Server database development solutions.
  • Provided training and mentoring in project management, requirements analysis, and software engineering best practices.

Senior Developer – Pangea Foundation

  • Delivered the following online database platforms:
  • Collaborated with the state of Mississippi to provide critical resources for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Synchronized business owners with mentor resources and proposal evaluations.
  • Strengthened San Diego’s Foster Youth Initiative by providing a robust, extensible portal to provide resources critical to agencies and foster youth.
  • Enabled strategic service reporting for The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by providing property managers and online platform to manage resources provided to residents and satisfy federal reporting requirements.
  • Empowered disability organizations to engage and collaborate with their communities and partner organizations with a feature-rich online platform providing multiple types of resources and tools for communication.

Software Developer – Companionlink Software

  • Leveraged object-oriented principles to rapidly transform legacy applications into robust, feature-rich platforms for device synchronization and integration.
  • Trained software testers in regression testing practices to protect application integrity while introducing new features.

Software Tester, Software Developer – Companionlink Software

  • Designed, documented and trained others to leverage a consistent testing matrix which discovered the most critical errors first with the least resources to ensure rapid bug resolution.

Paratrooper – 101st Airborne Division, 187th Rakkasan Raiders

  • Operations: Ocean Venture, Desert Shield, Desert Storm.
  • Participated in a multinational force to halt the Iraqi advancement into Kuwait, reverse their dominance in the region, secured key positions in the southern Iraq, began invasion, and prepared to install and support a provisional government.
  • Completed training for mentoring and communicating within culturally-diverse scenarios, achieve time-sensitive objectives, conduct jungle and desert operations, utilize small-arms weapons, light infantry tactics, and demolitions.