MBA, Specialization in Business Intelligence – Capella University

  • Develop meaningful business insights to support evidence-based decision making from multiple data sources using descriptive and inferential statistical methods, modeling tools, data mining, and reporting techniques.
  • Manage product development using process design, quality, capacity, and inventory management.
  • Integrate business disciplines to excel in a cross-functional business environment.
  • Leadership models and practices that drive innovation and enhance competitive advantage in complex and diverse environments.
  • Emerging marketing employed by organizations to market goods, services, and ideas.
  • Economic principles and tools and their application in business.
  • Financial accounting and its application in business, including creating firm value.

BS, Project Management – George Fox University

  • Successfully plan, manage, and complete projects in a team-oriented environment.
  • Built on Project Management Institute standards:
  • Apply proven project management principles to business situations.
  • Systematically initiate, plan, execute, control, and close a well-documented project.
  • Apply leadership skills to projects effectively across cultural and geographical boundaries.
  • Identify and apply successful team development and management strategies.
  • Evaluate the implications of project management to organizational effectiveness.
  • Articulate principles of organizational dynamics relating to systems, culture, and environment.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and an understanding of organizational communication processes.
  • Develop insight into personal leadership style.

BS, Computer Network Engineering – Coleman University

  • Network design and data transmission over wired and wireless media.
  • Fundamental network design components: typologies and access methods, basic administration of network operating systems, and troubleshooting methods for data transmission and recovery, proxy servers, firewalls.
  • Security basics; malware and threat management; social engineering; risk and business continuity planning; cryptography; security policies and operational security; and security administration.
  • Analyzing functions of key components in IT infrastructure.
  • Evaluating WAN technologies.
  • Planning an effective IT infrastructure based on the needs of an organization.
  • Installation and administration of network operating systems: administrator tasks, server organization, user management and permissions, security features, and shared printing.
  • Routing and switching: design, configure, and maintain network routing and switching.

Certificate, Accounting CORE! Financial Literacy for Non-Accountants – Business School of the Rockies

  • Context and need for accounting.
  • Accounting components, including the journal, general ledger and trial balance.
  • Recording business transactions.
  • Using financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.
  • Interpreting the business story told by a set of accounts.
  • Business acumen basics.
  • Financial communication and pitfalls.
  • Application of learning to case studies, topics of interest and current affairs.

Conflict Resolution – Portland State University

  • Introduction to collaborative approaches to responding to conflict. A theoretical framework will be established for using negotiation and mediation in a variety of settings. Students will learn how to function as a neutral third party focusing on: conflict analysis, communication skills, maintaining a neutral role, creating a safe environment, and ensuring procedural, substantive and psychological satisfaction. Ethical issues and concerns in the field of mediation will be presented.
  • Introduction to the psychological research and insights that illuminate conflict resolution theory and practice. A dual focus on both methods and research will be maintained throughout the curriculum.

Conscires Agile Practices

  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training.

Safety Training

  • Active Shooter Defense, Advanced First Aid, Campus Security Authority.

University of California, San Diego Extension

  • UNIX Administration.
  • Exchange Server Administration.

Microsoft Consulting Services

  • Application Design, Security & Architecture.
  • Database Design, Security, & Monitoring.

AA, Spanish – Mesa Community College