Telerik Reports: Conditional Background-Partial Cell

Use conditional formatting to change the background to only part of a cell

Please see my other Telerik report articles.

In my other Telerik Reports: Filtered Columns column I illustrated how to filter one column data off the other.

You’ll notice in the article one of the column cells display a yellow background and only to part of the cell.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to use a conditional formatting expression to change the background in this manner.

First, to apply conditional formatting to only part of a cell, I’ll insert a panel in which to display the data.

The panel allows me to display data in a portion of the cell, then target a background change only to the panel.

On the panel’s ConditionalFormatting properties I’ll apply the following expression.

Note the user of the field RegionalCordinator, which is a value I return with each record.

Now when my report runs, where the primary coordinator is a regional coordinator, their data has a yellow background applied, but only surrounding the data – not the entire cell.