Telerik Reports: Filtered Columns

Filter Column Data Off Other Column

Please see my other Telerik report articles.

In the article I’ll demonstrate a four column report where two columns display data based on their relationship with their “parent” column.

As you can, the report begins with a county, then region, then two coordinators – primary and assistant.

First, I’ll create a new SQL data source to return all counties and region.

Now I’ll create a another SQL DS to return all primary coordinators.

Since I don’t want all records to display, In the cell I’ll add a panel, in which I’ll add a list.

Then, I’ll configure two filters.

These filters use the ParentCountryPrimary returned with the primary SQL DS in the third column against rows matching the first column’s County values.

In other words, when County=Wallowa, display primary coordinators in the same county.

For the final assistant (fourth) column, repeat the previous process.

As you can see above in the assistant column, multiple records match the same Wallowa county.