SSIS: An Overview of Control Flow

A brief introduction of Control Flow.

Control Flows represent one of the most important aspects of an SSIS package
because their logic controls its execution.

Control Flow are made up of:

  • Tasks: These are objects that contain steps to perform (Data Flow, FileI/O,
    The main categories of tasks are:

    • Workflow Tasks such as Execute SQL, Package, and Send Mail tasks
    • Data Processing Tasks such as Data Flow, Bulk Insert, or XML tasks.
    • Scripting Tasks that execute ActiveX or VB.NET.
    • SQL Server tasks allow the direct manipulation of database objects.
      Maintenance tasks provide DBA capabilities such as backups, agent jobs, index
      management, etc.
  • Containers: These provide the ability to group discrete units of logic as well as
    iterative and sequence operations.
  • Precedence Constraints: These ensure tasks execute in the desired order.
    These constraints are identified by these arrows:

    • Red: Indicates a path of logic following a failure.
    • Green: Indicate successful execution.
    • Blue: Indicates execution regardless of the previous task’s outcome – success or

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