SSRS: Group Totals

Applying a sum within a group’s records.

As I illustrated in my Grouping article, grouping records that share an identical value for a column is a very helpful method to avoid repeating data and provide the user with a more intuitive manner to view records similar to each other.

In this example, I will show how to provide within each group a running sub total.

As you can see in the report, all records have a Quantity value for products in each order.


First, I’ll select the field for which I want to provide a sum of its values and add a new Total field after it.




Now I have a new Total field in the designer under the Quantity field.

I’ll right-align it and change its font weight to BOLD.

Executing the report show a product sub total for each company’s products in orders.

(right-click, Save As)

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