SSRS: 2008 Updates

New features and updates to the latest version of Reporting Services.

Here are just some of a few of my favorite improvements made to the 2008 release of SSRS.

The most noticeable to me was the absence of the “Data” tab within the designer.
Instead of having to click back and forth between tabs when working on projects, you can know interact with the source data much in the same way as you do the Toolbox.


Also for the data tab you may create a Data Source, Parameter, or Image without living the menu.


Once of the most time-saving features I enjoy, is the new intuitive menu displayed within a field allow you to quickly-select the data you wish to display without having to leave the field to drag and drop it from the exposed dataset.
Also, the field name displayed in the field is much easier to read – no more “Fields!…”


Another helpful change to the menu shine when adding a new column to the table.
Now I can choose whether the new column should reside either to the left or right of the existing column selected.


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