SharePoint: Active Alerts

Enable active notifications to automate business processes.

Within any business process there are many different types of lists acted upon by team members.
I will illustrate how to set automatic notifications on lists so that team members are notified when an action is awaiting their attention.

To begin, on a task list, I’ll select the List tab, then “Alert Me,” then “Set alert on this list.”

I’m then prompted to name the alert and set the target person for the alert.

Next, I may choose to send the alert either by text or email and for what type of change I wish to send the alert.

Now I choose what type of change causes an alert and when it’s sent.

Upon completing the steps necessary for creating an alert, the account assigned to received the alert will receive a confirmation email.

Should the person receiving the alerts wish to modify any of its setting, they simply select the link provided in the confirmation email which will display their alerts.



If any changes are needed on an alert, select the link “Manage My Alerts.”


I will now be presented with the same options for changing the alert as when I created it.

It’s now time to test the alert by creating a new Task.

After creating the new Task, the user will receive an alert.

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