SharePoint: Task Workflows

Incorporating a workflow process into a business.

Continuing on my Task: Approval Process article where I illustrated how to apply a business process whereby employees would submit new items (plan tickets) for approval before continuing, I’ll now show a complimentary step that represents a natural progress – workflows.
Workflows allow teams to be notified when there’s a step that requires their attention, in this case the approver of purchasing plane tickets.
For this task list, I’ll enable Workflows by returning to the List Settings/Workflow Settings.
Here’s an example workflow I already configure to begin upon creation of a new item.
By clicking “Next,” you may see that I’ve configured the Workflow to notify me when there’s something I need to approve.
Upon creating a new item (mock request for approval), I receive a task notifying me I have an item awaiting approval.
As you can see, I have two tasks, the first requesting approval and the second is to remind me I must approve the first task.

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