SharePoint: Workflow to Parse Values

Using workflows to parse values in a list item.

SharePoint Designer is an easy, yet robust designer that enables the integration of business logic into lists.

To illustrate this feature, I’ll begin with a simple list illustrating what might be an email sent from a customer.1-workflow-parsing-values

Obviously, it would be nice if team members wouldn’t have to scan the Title value from the customer and instead have each customer’s name residing within its own column.
Therefore, I’ve added a new Customer column that will house each customer’s name and I’ll create a workflow to parse those values from each item as they enter the list.


First, I’ll select “Edit List” from the “List” tab to create a new workflow from this list.


From the “List and Libraries” property page, I’ll select “New” in the “Workflows” section to create a new workflow.
When prompted, I’ll give my workflow a name and description.

Now I’m presented with a blank designer surface where I may begin adding steps in which to place conditions for logic and actions to implement business rules.
First, I’ll add a condition to ensure my business logic acts on the correct list by testing the beginning value of all items.


I’ll first extract the customer’s name from the Name beginning where the customer’s name begins and copy the name to a temporary variable where I’ll then copy it from there into the Customer field.

7-workflow-parsing-values8-workflow-parsing-values9-workflow-parsing-values10-workflow-parsing-valuesNow that my workflow is ready, I’ll “Check for Error,” “Save,” and “Publish” it to the list.


Now I’ll return to my list and test my workflow to ensure the customer’s name is being parsed into the Customer field.




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