SharePoint: Sending Emails via Workflows

Using SharePoint Designer to create custom workflows for sending alert emails.

When collaborating on SharePoint lists, some team members may need notification when actions are performed on lists.
For example, let’s pretend a user wishes to be notified via email when an item is added to a list.

To illustrate this functionality, I will begin with a simple list that might resemble an email sent by a customer.


Using the List tab, I will select to edit the list and create a new workflow.

After entering the SharePoint designer surface, I’ll add my first condition which simply checks that actions I add are only for items that contain “Product Quote.”

With my condition is place, now I will add an Action that extracts string from the item and stuffs it into a new variable.

Now, I will add a new Action that will send a custom email to the target user(s).

After clicking the target Email link, a window appears that allows me to set the “To” address.
Also, I want the subject to display my workflow variable retrieved from the last step – “Product Quote” (this will be more helpful when other types of items are added to the list, “Returns” for example.). To customize the format, I first click the ellipses to enter the String Builder window, then the “Add or Change Lookup” button to configure the use of variables.

For the email body, I want to add a like to the item in the list.
To add a link, I’ll select the globe/link icon, which opens the “Edit Hyperlink” window.
Then, I’ll select the “fx” button to configure the display of a field name from the list.

Next, I’ll perform roughly the same steps to display a link to the item list in SharePoint.

Here’s my complete workflow.

Lastly, I must ensure the workflow begins (fires) when an item is added to the list.

To see my workflow in action, I’ll a new item to my test list.

Within a few minutes, I will receive my custom email alert complete with a link to the newly added and link to its list.

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