Excel: Power Query – Transformations (Advanced)

Implementing Business Rules through Advanced Transformations

In this article, I’ll continue from the article [Power Query – Transformations] and illustrate some advanced transformations available in the Query Editor.

I’ll begin with the same data from the previous article.

Split Column By Delimiter

First, I wish to parse “Order ID” values so I end up with a new column containing just the order’s state.

First, I’ll select the “Order ID” column, then on the “Transform” tab, I’ll click the “Split Column,” then “By Delimiter.”

In the popup window, I’ll specify I want to split the column by the left-most hyphen, then press “OK.”

Now, I have two columns, the first my new column for states, the second, the remaining values.

Also, I have the last step in my history (“APPLIED STEPS”).

However, so I later remember what occurred at this step, I wish to rename it to something more intuitive.

Parse Month into New Column

Now, I wish to later analyze orders by month so I want a new column which contains only each order’s month.

First, I’ll select the “Order Date” column, then use the “Date” function’s Month tool.

Now, I have a new column at the end for each order’s Month.

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