Excel: Convert Column Headers to Rows

Presenting column headers as rows.

If you have ever worked with a long list of column headers – too long so it displays off the screen to the right, you know how arduous such a list can be to work with – use Transpose.

I’ll begin with a list of columns which goes up to Z, AA, through to BK – I don’t want to travel cross-country to see this list!

Instead if I convert this so each name is in a top-down list, I can read and work with these names more easily.

Right-click the row number of the column header (1) -> Copy.
*This copies the entire list of column headers in row #1.

Right-click in the cell you wish to place your top-down list of column headers -> Paste Special
*Ensure there’s nothing below it so it has room to grow.

Under Operation, select Transpose, OK.

My column headers are now in a nice I can more easily read, reformat, add/delete, etc.

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