MVC: Action Methods with Parameters

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Passing arguments to action methods.

It’s often necessary when calling an action method to pass to it variables necessary for business logic.
In this article, I will illustrate one method that is similar to the Web Forms programming model of using the question mark + equals sign convention (?VariableName=Value).

To begin, I first created a simple HelloWorld controller in which I placed an action method “Welcome().”
Notice that this method receives two parameters, “name” and “numTimes.”


Now I’ll run my application while passing the variables “?name=earnie&numtimes=4.”
As you can see, the Welcome() method parsed my name and the number of times I wished to display a welcome message to myself.


Also, I may elect to use an action method that returns a simple string result instead of a View.


When I execute the action method, you can see the results are similar.


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