MVC: Action Methods using GET & POST

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Enabling specific actions for GET and POST calls.

MVC provided an elegant method to specify actions based on the type of call used by the webpage – GET (default) Http verb or POST Http verb.
To illustrate this ability, I’ll begin where my Form Validation article left off with a Controller, Model, and View (displaying a user-input form) already created.

As you’ll see in my Model, I’ve updated my first action method with the “[HttpGet]” attribute to denote it will respond with the webpage uses the GET call.
Also, I’ve added a new action method that will specifically respond when a page posts data back.


Now I will create another strongly-typed View to display a confirmation message so the user knows that we’ve received their input.
Notice in my [HttPost] action method that I’m passing the name of the View – “Thanks.” Since the View is strongly-typed, I have immediate access to the Model’s fname and lname properties.


Upon submitting the form with my information, I now receive a confirmation message including the name I entered within the “Thanks” View.


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