MS Project: Integration with SharePoint & Teams

Using Project to Collaborate with Team Members

In this example, I will demonstrate how to use Microsoft Project with a list of tasks in a schedule, to communicate expectations to team members using SharePoint and Teams, and received updates from those members back into Microsoft Project.

First, I’ll create a Project file, with a test list of tasks.

As you can see, I have two milestones – Planning and Upgrade.
Under each milestone are a series of tasks, some of which contain a predecessor.

Next, I have a SharePoint site in which I want my Microsoft Project tasks displayed.

To configure MS Project for Project -> SharePoint integration, use:
1) File -> Save As
2) Click Sync with SharePoint

Note: For Site address, go to your SharePoint site, copy the URL, and remove everything after the name of the site.
For my site, I removed everything beginning with “/Shared…”

Once you press “Save,” a new Project sub site will be created in SharePoint, then it will open for you.

The homepage of the new project site presents a “Project Summary” complete with tasks due, those late and upcoming.

On the left, I’ll click “Tasks.”

As you can see, all of my tasks are displayed in a SharePoint list.

Users of this site may open/edit each task, and those changes are received in the MS Project file the next time I sync in MS Project.

Now, I will expose the SharePoint tasks list from MS Project in a Teams window.

In Teams, enter a team where you want to display the task.
Next, click the ‘+’ to add a “Add a tab.”
Select a “SharePoint” add, then paste in the URL from the tasks list page from the previous step.

As you can see, tasks from the MS Project file now display here as well as the SharePoint list and are also able to send updates back to the project file.