SSAS: Creating a Named Calculation

Adding New Dimension Fields

Often in the cycle of cube development it become necessary to add new fields to a dimension for future reporting purposes.

In this article, I will demonstrate adding an aggregation of [City, State] to the data source view.

First, I’ll open the AW data source view.

1-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

Now I need to find a table. The most efficient method is to right-click a blank space within the designer and use Find Table.

2-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

After selecting the Geography table, it automatically move’s the screen focus to that table.
Next, I’ll r-click to add a New Named Calculation.

3-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

I will created an aggregation of the City and State Fields.
Note: The column names used must match those in the table. For assistance you may also select to Explore Data.

4-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

When I’m finished, the new City + State calculation appears in the Geography table.

5-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

Now I will open the Geography dimension.

6-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

I’ll drag my City + State calculation from the Data Source View to the left into the Geography dimension attributes.

7-SSAS Creating a Named Calculation

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