SSRS: Customized Footer

Integrating custom information into the footer of reports.

When deploying multiple reports for user consumption, it’s helpful to users if they have helpful information when traversing the data and that data remains in a consistent location in every report.

To illustrate how to accomplish this goal, I’ll begin where the Calculation – Field Formatting article ended by adding two pieces of information within the footer of the report.

First, I’ll add a footer to the report.
Next, I’ll add two textbox controls into the footer.

In the first textbox, I’ll add an expression that displays the time at which the report is executed.


In the second control, I’ll display to the user the current page and out of the total pages of the report.


Now when execute the report, the report execution time and the current page number out of the total number of pages is displayed at the footer of every page in the report.


Download Report
(right-click, Save As)

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