SharePoint: List Versioning

Tracking/Restoring changes in business data.

In order to provide the ability to recover changes to an item, I will enable versioning on a list.

For this example, I’ll select Tasks on which to enable this feature.


On the List tab, I’ll select List Settings, then Versioning settings.


To enable versioning, I only have to select Yes for the second question.


Now I’ll return to my Tasks list and create a new item, then I’ll edit that item and simply change its Title.

I may now select Version History to view the historical changes on this item.


As you can see, the Title was first “Test task 2,” then I changed it to “Test Task 1.”


Also, I may select to revert the recent changes so that the items history now has three changes.



When I return to the list, I’ll see the item has its original Title restored.


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