SharePoint: Custom Lists

Using custom lists as the building block for automating business processes.

Perhaps the most widely used feature in SharePoint is the list.
While there are many predefined lists, being able to define one from scratch yields much needed flexibility.

In order to illustrate this feature, I’ll begin by selecting Site Actions -> More options. This menu reveals all types available for creation as well has filtering ability to help you decide.

I’ll select to Filter By List, select Custom List, and then give it a name.

My new list is created and I see the List settings I will use to configure the SalesAssociate list.

Also, by default my new list is displayed on the left under the Quick Launch area as a link.


Using the Add new item link, I can now begin to populate the new list.

Also, by moving my mouse over an item, I may utilize the context menu to edit or delete each item.
In addition to the context menu, I may change how I view created items in the list by using the Menu at the top as well as configure different views of that data. For example, by changing the view to a Datasheet view, my list becomes much easier to edit multiple records without having to traverse multiple menus.


Also, Datasheet view provides filtering options that is very helpful as the list grows large.


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