Design Patterns: Adapter

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Exposing class behavior from another class.


Sometimes you might need to access and use functionality defined from one class from within your own class.

To illustrate this pattern, I’ll begin with a simple class that contains one method I wish to invoke from within my other class – this could be any class containing any behavior you wish to wrap and use from within your classes.


Creating an interface is the first step in implementing this pattern.
By defining the method(s) you wish to wrap in this interface, you will be able to expose it from other classes.


With my interface providing an interface (I know, bad pun) to the class containing the behavior I wish to expose, I now simply have to create my class from which to call the wrapped behavior.
First, I instantiate an object of the class whose behavior I was to implement and assign that object as a member of my class.
In the constructor, I assign the first class object to my class member.
Next, I’ll define methods to return the first class object and execute its behavior – this enables me to use the first class’ behavior.


Now I’m ready to utilize the pattern – use functionality from within my new class exposed from another class.


As you can see, the first class’ PublishArticle() method is available for me to use.


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